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Welcome to Accu EYE Site Vision Center!

At Accu EYE Site, our number one priority is ensuring our patients have the best experience available in the Tulsa area. Dr. Walsh accomplishes this by running a practice that is family owned and operated, full of familiar faces that know who you are. Additionally, Dr. Walsh personally stays in the room during your entire exam to ensure all your needs are met. She isn’t in and out in under 10 minutes like some other doctors. That means you receive the personalized attention you deserve and nothing short of a perfect prescription and a complete health check. Finally, Dr. Walsh specializes in fitting contacts that other doctors can’t. Countless patients have come into our office after settling for less than perfect at other offices, only to leave amazed with crystal clear vision! While other Doctors may be out to just make a quick buck, Dr. Walsh will provide nothing short of the best care possible.

Accuracy Takes Time!

Dr. Walsh’s background in engineering ensures the ability to provide the attention to detail and spend the time it takes to give you the best vision possible.


Ask about our guaranteed no wait appointments. We also offer late and Saturday appointments. An onsite lab means many glasses are ready the same or next day. We now serve Bixby, Jenks, Glenpool and Tulsa.

Emergencies Happen

Same day appointments are available for emergencies.

Experience Matters.

Dr. Walsh has been serving the Tulsa area with quality eyecare and laser vision consultation for 19 years.

Some of the frame brands we offer are listed below

Oakley Guy Oakley logo Oakley Girl
JOE logo
Tommy Bahama logo
bebe logo
Joseph Abboud logo
Flexon logo
Revlon logo
Joseph Abboud logo
Altair Ultraclip logo
Genisis logo
B.M.E.C. logo
Fashiontabulouse logo
Genevieve Boutique logo
Altair logo
G.V.X. logo
Modern Art logo

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